Seeding Media

We are a digital media agency that uses the benefits of content and viral marketing
to maximize organic and paid reach of media campaigs and save money.

Global team

We are a global team of media owners, influencers and digital strategists who have gathered massive audiences that consume our content on a daily basis.

Massive audience

With our campaigns and our content we are daily reaching millions of users all over the world.

What we do

Our main mission is to leverage the possibilities of great content to maximize its potential
as well as create strategies for ads to be delivered with maximum efficiency.

Unique strategies

Our campaigns work so well, because each and every of our campaigns are unique and are strictly built around content - not the other way around.

Real-time assesment

The main benefit of cooperation with us is that we never lock our campaigns to few settings. With each day we improve our campain based on real results - to get the best results possible.

Best campaign settings for the moment

We always create the most effective strategy there is at the moment. The landscape is changing extremely rapidly and our team always strives to find to best ways to distribute content.


Our main goal is to get your content out there. To the right people. At all times. With us your content will thrive and reach of your campaigns will be immense - far beyond your expectations.

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It's ok to have questions. Don't hesitate to ask. We're here for you.